About Us


Hey there and welcome to our shop!  My name is Damaris and I along with my boyfriend Josh founded this wonderful small business! "The Boss Lady" is what they call me here at Lunar Bear Co. I take care of everything behind the scenes! I run our Instagram account, manage the shop and do most of the sourcing. 


The "Worker Bee" is my boyfriend Josh. He is the one that makes all the things we sell here on Lunar Bear Co! Yes, he does the sewing! He is incredibly meticulous and always strives to do his best work for our shop and customers. He also takes most of our photos for Instagram and the shop! 

Josh from Lunar Bear Co.


The "MuttButt Boons" is our pup! Our spunky, smart, cuddly little Luna. She was one of the main inspirations for our business. She is our model and tester! She approves all things before they hit the shop! 


 Our Story 

Lunar Bear Co. started by a ring of small chain events. 

It all began with a little mutt butt...

...that we adopted from a rescue named, "A Second Chance Puppies and Kitties Rescue". It seemed like the stars aligned on this day to lead us to her. On a whim one day, after the passing of our pup Brownie,we decided to go to an adoption event. Unfortunately they had no pups that day. We were so bummed heading back home, but then Josh remembered that a local pet store was recently having adoption events. We decided to stop in and see if they by chance they had one going on. We stumbled in while the volunteers of the rescue were picking up and getting ready to go home. This cute and sweet little kid runs up to us and asks us if we were looking to adopt. He saw the unsure looks on our faces as we walked further in to look at the puppies. He says,
"Just wait one second, I'm going to bring you my favorite puppy!".
He runs off and shows up with this scraggly little mutt. Plops her in Josh's arms, shortly after she curls into a little cinnamon roll and falls deep asleep on Josh's chest. And that was that. She won his heart. We took her home that day. 
Minutes after Adopting Luna. October 17, 2015.

Another addition to the family.. 

Josh's brother adopted a derpy little pup and named him Sylas. At this point we were all obsessed with our pups. Sylas's humans introduced us to the world of Instagram for dogs. They also introduced us to the fun of making bandanas for pups.

We fell in love with both! 

The Instagram world for dogs is vast and incredible. The possibilities are endless and it was so much fun. We began to develop more sophisticated forms of bandanas for the pups and ended up creating Lunar Bear Co. 

Sylas in a throwback Collar.


Where we are today... 

After the stars aligned and everything came to be, here we are today. We are evolving daily and creating rocking goodies for cool pups just like we used to in the very beginning. But getting better each step of the way. 

"Making pups and their parents happy is what we strive to do..."

Josh, Luna and Damaris of Lunar Bear Co.